Is your glass half full or half empty?

I was talking to a friend about this recently and she commented that I always seem to be very chipper and happy. This isn’t too far from the truth but it doesn’t come naturally and I have to work at it, every single day. I’d rather ‘appear’ happy, than sad or miserable as I truly believe that the energy we give out attracts a similar type of energy back. I’m scared to show the ‘miserable me’ incase it attracts the black dog, who might hang around and cock his leg up against my easel.

We get stronger when we work through a challenge in life, regardless of what it is…….making yourself get out of bed each morning even though sometimes it’s easier to stay hidden under the duvet, putting on a happy face even though all you want to do is cry in a corner, or push through a creative block.

Everyone has his or her challenge in life and mine at the moment is keeping my creative juices flowing especially as I feel that I’m totally dried up and withered like an old prune! Some of the drawings, paintings and sketches, that I’ve produced in the past few weeks haven’t passed the quality control department and have been destined for the rubbish bin. However, my social conscience  won’t allow me to do this so I decided long ago that if something can be painted over or the back of the paper used again for a fresh start, then I’ll do that rather than throw it away. In hundreds of years time, IF any of my work survives and is looked at under an xray machine, the viewer will be amazed to see a whole saga of visual stories unfolding in front of their eyes.  

This cornucopia of scribbles, marks, blocks of colour, writing, and smudgy drawings are under most of the work I’ve produced since 2020. Those of you reading this who have been kind enough to buy pieces of my work would be amazed, shocked, confused and probably totally baffled if you could see what is really under that final layer of paint you have hanging on your wall! You might ask why I’ve painted over a ‘perfectly nice landscape’ or scribbled across a ‘lovely, pretty portrait’ with rude swear words in black pen, and the answer is because it didn’t make me happy. I’m finally realising that creating paintings from my heart and soul are important for ME and that nothing less will do. Trying to paint what I think will sell or what will get a good response on Instagram is NOT what I want to create. Life is short, so why not try and fill it with the stuff that makes me feel satisfied and happy?  

This painting m’larky is my job, and most of the time I am professional, run a smooth ship, keep a clean studio and have a smile on my face…..but just occasionally you might be surprised at what you find behind those glass doors. What I’m trying to say is things aren’t always as they appear. Take the time to really look… art…..friends….nature, etc. with fresh eyes and try to see what is beneath the surface as there is always a story and it’s usually fascinating!

Click on the button below for a peak at my painting practise and a behind the scene look into my Art Life. It’s a short video I’ve been creating which is still a work in progress so excuse some of the editing…….it’s my first attempt at making a movie!