A collection of my current artwork which ranges in size from 20cm square to 80cm square.  Most of the paintings shown in this section are for sale and range from £175 to £600.  Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing or would like to have more information about a piece of work.

Where I Am At The Moment

This series was created at the beginning of summer 2023 when I decided to repaint over old work.  The landscapes you see started off as floral pieces that didn’t satisfy me, but if you look closely, there are small areas that hint at what is below the surface.

In Rhythm With The Hills

The inspiration behind this series is intimately connected to the sensation of walking through time, across the many footpaths and ancient bridleways surrounding my studio.

The textures of these pathways underfoot are replicated in my art using layers of paint and mark-making, scratching, sanding and peeling them back to reveal the history of the painting as it develops.

Flight Path

Have you ever heard a cathedral bell ring to herald the arrival of the first migrating birds of the year? This beautiful tradition still followed in Christchurch New Zealand, brings to mind the vast expanses that these birds traverse and the unbridled joy of flight through open spaces.

I am captivated by the land, sea and sky bleeding together with no fixed horizons and the views that the birds see as they soar, dip and glide under a hot sun surrounded by the milky blues of the sky and sea. The birds are following ancient routes invisible to the naked eye but predetermined by their ancestors, much as modern day shipping and leylines are to us. As I paint, I join these birds in flight and see the world through their eyes.


This is a new series of paintings that I began during the second lockdown in 2021. They reveal snippets of my imaginary world where life is peaceful, calm and gentle. It’s my happy and safe place which I visit as often as possible.