A collection of my current artwork which ranges in size from 20cm square to 80cm square.  Most of the paintings shown in this section are for sale and range from £175 to £600.  Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing or would like to have more information about a piece of work.

Loosing Control – Floral Freedom

This blossomed into life as a collection of flowers drawn without looking at the paper but solely at the subject, in order to minimise interference from my conscious mind and confer the essence of the flowers as authentically as possible on to the page. I was committing to paper the experience of an ant’s perspective exploring the textures and forms of flowers, the pencil following my feet, tracking my steps. I focused less on the physical form of each flower, and more on the freedom to express their multitude of varying textures.

From these drawings I then developed a group of paintings which are an ongoing project.

From My Garden

These fun little paintings were created using quick graphite lines, dripping ink, collage and splashes of acrylic. Witnessing a new flower bed awakening and blossoming outside my studio was a huge inspiration and I was painting as fast as the plants were growing.