Artist Statement

My mixed media paintings are intimately connected to the sensation of walking or flying through the landscape and the history associated with the many ancient footpaths and bridleways that surround my studio. I am captivated by the land, sea and sky bleeding together with no fixed horizons and fascinated by birds that glide and dart through the sky.  They too are following ancient routes invisible to the naked eye but predetermined by their ancestors much as modern day shipping and ley lines are to us.

Recreating the view or a particular subject is something I am trying to avoid. In my latest work I am trying to convey the atmosphere and sensory experience of that particular place or subject, rather than what I am seeing.  The textures and patterns are replicated in my paintings using layers of mark making which are often peeled back, rubbed or sanded away to reveal the history of the painting or drawing as it develops.  My choice of mediums allow for quick responses to what I am looking at – when drawing outside I love to use water soluble graphite, and pencils, and then back in the studio where I often work from multiple quick sketches, acrylics, ink and oil bars.  I especially love the spontaneity of ink and its unpredictable nature and feel its randomness adds life to my work.

My love of open, expansive space, colour, and texture is what I try and convey in my paintings, with the hope that I can draw the viewer in for a closer look.  The use of mark making and pattern, built up in layers is a process that I will continue to explore.

Can I help?

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