I work from a home-based studio, surrounded by rolling hills, beautiful villages, constantly changing landscapes and light, where seasons come and go bringing different colour palettes and textures. 

Not only is it a privilege for me to live in this unique place,  but also it creates an inspirational backdrop and subject matter for much of my work.                    

The textures I discover in the natural things around me from old, dilapidated barns, ancient hedgerows, to wild grasses, streams and even the soil stimulate much of my creativity.

Wherever I go, I take a sketchbook with me and capture the elements of beauty outside.  There is always something to discover, something new to see. 

How I Create My Art

Using these quick sketches, I develop them back in my studio usually starting with mark making on boards or canvases.  

I create multiple layers using acrylic paint, graphite, ink and collage, adding texture and pattern where needed until the painting starts to capture the feeling I am trying to convey. 

In my recent work I am not trying to paint what I see in the landscape or still life, but more about the atmosphere and feelings I am experiencing in that particular place at that particular time, with the hope that I will draw the viewer in too.

I believe that ultimately there is little, if anything more beautiful than nature.  It has immense power to heal, to stimulate all our senses, enhancing our moods.  If I can capture just a little of that in some of the art I create, and share it with someone, then that makes me very happy and hopefully them too.

Can I help?

If there is anything I can help you with please don’t hesitate to get in touch here